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      This packing line is suitable for mattress compressing, folding and roll packing process in a flow line production, the mattress starts from film feeding, compressing, folding and then roll packing all control by computer and completely automatic until finish, high efficiency.
      The whole set of packing line includes below equipments:
      1.Automatic mattress compressing machine:1set (two kinds o packaging way could be optional)

      2.Automatic mattress folding machine:1set(could be optional)
      3.Automatic mattress roll packing machine:1set

      Main technical specifications:

      Apply for mattress typePocketed spring mattress, Spring mattress, Sponge mattress, Latex mattress
      Use of packing materialPE Film
      Thickness range for packaging film0.06~0.15mm
      Max packaging film width for compress machine2650mm 2800mm is for two packaging way
      Max packaging film width for roll pack machinePlus 20cm on mattress width
      Mattress  length range 1900-2200mm
      Mattress width range800-2000mm
      Mattress height range 50-500mm
      Outlet diameter range(Adjustable)230mm-620mm
      Air  Consumption>=0.43 m3/min   /12MM Weasand
      Air supply0.6~0.8MPa
      Total power38kw
      Input Power cable4*16mm2+1*2.5mm2
      Breaker100A 4P
      Total Machine Weight17000kg
      Working temperature+5°C-+35°C



      時間:8:00 - 18:00