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      Chinese FIRST Automatic Pillow Cases Making Machine was already successfully launched into the market in June,2012. MAXTECH Automation Machinery Co.,Ltd is the first and the only one in China that self-develop this machine and successfully launch into the market.

      Our customers are very satisfied with our machine's quality and technicial support! We appreciate very much our customers' recognition of our quality and technologies! We keep absorbing our customers' valuable advices and using experience, to keep improving our machines performance and production efficiency, to keep improving our service and technical support!

      Introduction of the machine as bellow:

      This machine is mainly used for manufacturing cases for pillows and cushions. Highly automated, controlled by PLC with high precision touch screen.

      Automatic cycle: in-feed, lateral sewing, transversal sewing, measurement, cutting and stacking. Optionally, the machine half-closes the open mouth for filling. Cycle controlled by PLC.

      Vacuum equipments for thread clips and cloth clips, which will insure cutting smoothly.

      Low labor, which only needs one person to change the roll, easy and fast.

      Automatic detection of thread breakage. Minimum waste and energy savings.

      Your inquiries will be welcomed! Kindly send us your inquiries to our mailbox at sales@maxtech-auto.com / cmi@cmiauto.com . Or call us at 0086-750-5602778 / 0086-13380960139


      Your Reliable Foam Machine, Mattress Machine&Pillow Machine Manufacturer in China-

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