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      The ordinary PU foam polyether as an important chain of Polyurethane Flexible Foam Industry, foaming with TDI at the same time. However, its poor competitiveness, cannot be compared with TDI. Polyether production capacity oversupply, mainly due to price fluctuations driven by raw materials PO. PO hike of raw materials, polyether manufacturers cost pressures with inflation. There are exceptions, such as the recent PO prices and polyether price is almost the same, emboldened polyether factory price impulse, however, the prices cannot be increased. Although the final may still be passive with the rise, and then slow to respond.

      PPG monomer polyether production in 2012 is about 3.5 million tonnes. Comparing with 2011, it increases 8%. PPG industry in China is relatively dispersed. The monomer polyether manufacturers are more than 30 . The production capacity ranked the top five companies accounted for less than 40% share of overall production capacity, which are the JR ningwu 8.5%, Jiahua chemicals accounted for 7.4%, CNOOC and Shell  7.1%, Blue start Dongda 5.7%,  Shanghai Sinopec accounted for 5.1%.



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