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      MAXTECH Automation Machinery Co., Ltd has participated in PU China Exhibition (Guangzhou) 2015, thank you very much for all of the visitors and clients visiting our booth! It’s our great honor to meeting you all.

      MAXTECH Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. With the innovation of technology and automation mattress packing equipment become one of the highlights of the exhibition, high automation machinery has attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen. After the engineer's detailed explanation, the customers are satisfied, some of the customer even place an order at the exhibition.

      The exhibition not only shows the progress of our innovative technology, but also a harvest trip, we got many valuable advice and suggestion from our native and oversea customers. Makes us more firmly to insist our concept--- technological innovation, make perfection more perfect. We will continue to adhere to leading technology, quality first,and provide more advanced machinery and equipment to our customers.



      時間:8:00 - 18:00