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      Auto pillowcase making machine

      This machine is mainly used for manufacturing cases for pillows and cushions. Highly automated, controlled by PLC with high precision touch screen. Widely used in the production of pillow cases and linen.
      Automatic cycle: in-feed, lateral sewing, transversal sewing, measurement, cutting and stacking. Optionally, the machine half-closes the open mouth for filling. Cycle controlled by PLC. 
      Vacuum equipments for thread clips and cloth clips, which will insure cutting smoothly. Automatic detection of thread breakage. Minimum waste and energy savings. 
      Low labor, which only needs one person to change the roll, easy and fast. 
      The latest type of this machine with automatic sewing label function, ensure each label in accurate size. The position of the label can be changed, auto adjusted.

      Main technical specifications

      ModelMAX-PM (three sides or two sides)
      Pillow cases length300-1200mm(customized)
      Pillow case width200-800mm(customized)
      Max. Cloth diameter?420mm
      Machine dimensions5600x2140x1880mm
      Air supply0.6-0.8MPa
      Auto sewing label config





      時間:8:00 - 18:00